Saturday, June 30, 2012

Murphy's Law of Motherhood #10: When in the Presence of a Garden Hose, Something's Going to Get Wet

As we were unpacking the van after hitting a few irresistible yard sales today, I heard a shrill scream from E-girl (5 1/2) as she rounded the corner of the house.  My friend, who had accompanied us started yelling, "Put it down!  Put it down!"  I should have known J-boy (3 1/2) had taken the liberty of turning on the water hose.  After a verbal reprimand, I tried redirecting him toward the lilacs in front of our house (since he was so repentant toward his sister).  He proceeded to listen as I instructed him to fill the ring of rocks that surrounded each of the lilacs bordering our front porch.  He seemed to understand that he was to water the plants and not his siblings at that point, so the rest of us packed our new-found fodder into the house as he happily watered away.  A few minutes later, a higher, more alarmed scream emerged from the living room.  "Stop...stop!  STOP!"  I darted down the hallway to see what was happening, only to find water streaming down our front window, a puddle on our window seat, drenched carpet, a soaked answering machine and several now-mushy books.  At that point I had to ask myself what I was thinking allowing J-boy to continue use of the water hose, especially with the front window cracked.

Thankfully, I think the books and answering machine survived; however, I'll not be giving the boy permission to use a garden hose (without my hand on the valve, anyway) for a long time.  I suppose I should have known better than to trust him to just water the plants, especially considering that he turned on me with a water hose in the produce section of the grocery store this past winter.  That was a very chilly trip!  (I just wish I had thought to turn it on him after he had gotten me with it.  ha ha)

(Photo actually taken in 2012.  Due to being blond and sleep deprivation, I accidentally set the camera to the wrong year.  Oops!)

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