Friday, October 25, 2013

Murphy's Law of Motherhood #8-When the Baby's Down for a Nap...

When it comes to siestas, two Murphy's Laws are in effect: #7 an #8.  As a general rule, IF you can get a child down for a nap, something ridiculous is going to happen to wake them up, y'know, like the apocalypse. 

Nap time in our household usually ends with two big kids fighting and screaming in the hallway just outside of where Little A is sleeping.  I think that's really the only time they ever go back there together.  Total conspiracy.

My friend Trish's lament on facebook was classic nap-time Murphy's Law.

10-24-13 Big E fought taking a nap, finally gives in and goes to sleep, neighbors start up chainsaw and wood chipper. -Trish Ridout Ramsey

I suspect that she wanted to jump out of the window and beat the offenders with a log.

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